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Gifts to Warren County Community Foundation, Inc. are invested and managed as permanent endowments to produce income. The income earned is then used to help meet the community’s charitable needs – from social work and education to art and culture.  There are a variety of ways these funds can be used to fulfill a donor’s charitable goals. Donors have the flexibility of donating to existing funds or creating individually named funds.


When families, businesses, or organizations set up funds with the Warren County Community Foundation, they are establishing funding that is perpetual while focusing on simple and effective solutions for philanthropic goals. Through a named fund, loved ones can be honored and remembered through time.


With advice from donors and an opening gift, the Foundation establishes the funds and provides all administrative services including accounting, auditing, financial management, due diligence, grant making, and providing donation receipts. All while being ever mindful of the donors’ goals.


By assuming administrative responsibility, the Warren County Community Foundation frees donors from paperwork, giving them the time to take pleasure in the rewards of charitable giving to specific fields of interest.

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