Meet the Board of Directors

The Community Foundation's Board is made up of 11 members. Each member plays an integral role in the operations of the Foundation. Board members are assigned with many responsibilities to the organization. Some of those duties include communicating and sharing the Foundation's work and values to the community; actively participate in Board meetings and special events; make appropriate financial contributions; serve on various committees; and recruit and nurture new volunteers and donors.

2018 Board of Directors
Front Row Left to Right: Jessica Zak-Treasurer, Sandy Frasch-President, Barbara Richardson-Vice President, Kelsey Hetrick-Secretary
Back Row Left to Right: Stacey Wagoner, Steve Pithoud, John Larson, Lon Akers, Andy VanMeter     Not Pictured: Rhonda Inman and Dayleann Waymire
Rhonda Inman
Dayleann Waymire