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Your support will address our community’s most pressing needs, helping to make Warren County the best possible version of itself for current and future residents.

The Warren County Community Foundation is the steward of many funds that support a wide range of causes in our local communities.  Each gift to the community foundation is used wisely to support projects and needs that arise through grants.  

Donor Testimonial 

Candy Hunter
Hunter Family Scholarship

Donor Testimonial 

Lon Akers
Lon & Linda Akers
Pine Village Fund

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Foundation- giving.png


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"I feel good that I'm contributing even if it's just a little bit on a regular basis to improve the community around us."

Laura Smiley

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"Giving Annually has become part of the budget so it's not a hard decision each year.

Foundation grants benefit local people every year, in many ways. I can see a difference around the county."



"I like the Foundation because the donations are your intent, you have control of what you are doing and your donation will follow that purpose."

Candy Hunter

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