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Seeger High School Precision Agriculture Class

Green stars= Niches properties
Purple dots= DNR properties
Blue dots= County owned properties 

Click a location above for directions on how to get to a property, or check out the descriptions below to learn more about what each one features. 


This property is comprised of a wooded slope that houses many species of birds as well as a variety of other wildlife. 

59 acres

1. Potawatomi Trail


This property features a short trail that leads to Black Rock, a sandstone outcrop which rises over 100 feet from the Wabash River.

0.17 mile trail on 45 acres

2. Black Rock


This property is a wooded glade area that features a wide variety of wildflowers during the spring season.

1.6 mile two loop trail on 100 acres

3. Black Rock Barrens Heischman-McAdams Reserve


This property, which sits along the Wabash River, is made up of a mix of forest land with over 30,000 trees and open grasslands with native prairie grass.

two 1.6 mile loops on 308 acres

4. Weiler-Leopold Nature Reserve


This property features a mixture of siltstone glades and sandstone outcroppings, as well as many unique species of wildflowers. 

continued portion of adjacent Weiler-Leopold land 

5. Birdfoot Barrens 


This property was the location of the Kohnke family’s summer cottage, and due to their preservation of the property’s natural state, now features a wide variety of plants and wildlife species.

33 acres, no trail

6. Kohnke's Little Pine Valley


This property is comprised of a wooded slope that houses many species of birds as well as a variety of other wildlife. 

located across the street from Cicott park

7. Potawatomi Springs


This property, which was originally the site of a trading post established by Zachariah Cicott in 1816, now features a trail, access to the Wabash River, a pavilion, and a large open grassy area. 

1.2 mile loop trail

8. Cicott Park


This site, located in downtown Pine Village, houses a historic train car as well as a little library where a free book can be taken so long as another is left in its place. 

located on the corner of Lafayette St. and Jefferson St. near the Arni's restaurant

9. Pine Village Caboose


This park features a playground, basketball court, open grassy area, and a pavilion that includes restrooms and a small kitchen space. 

located behind the fire station

10. Pine Village Park 

rhus radicans.jpg

True to its name, this property is dedicated to protecting the prolific amount of poison ivy found in its midst, as well as many other native species.

20 acres, no trails 

11. Rhus Radicans


This property is a tranquil place where visitors can walk along the river and may catch a glimpse of wildlife such as bald eagles nesting in the trees above. 

1.7 miles, no trails 

12. Hewitt Estate


This property, which can be reached via Big Pine Creek, consists of a 35 foot bluff that juts out over the water.

 24 acres accessible only by boat

13. Honey Branch Bluff


This property, which can be reached via Big Pine Creek, consists of a 35 foot bluff that juts out over the water.

0.4 mile trail on 33 acres

14. Crow's Grove


This property features a sandstone bluff overlooking Big Pine Creek.

only accessible via boat

15. Swanson's Bluff


This property features a steep sandstone canyon with potholes, often filled with water running down them, as well as many plants and animals. 

1.4 mile trial on 162 acres

16. Fall Creek Gorge (Potholes)


A small, quiet park featuring playground equipment and a basketball court. 

located at the end of W 3rd Street, just down from the hospital

17. Harrison Park


This park is home to a pavilion, play ground equipment, a pool, tennis courts, a family game area, a full basketball court, and a large grassy area. 

located on Park Avenue, right next to the Williamsport Pool and Warren County Fair Grounds

18. Williamsport Town Park


This location boasts the highest free-flowing waterfall in the state of Indiana.

1.6 mile loop trail

19. Williamsport Falls 

Image (1).png

This park is home to a small basketball court and playground equipment. 

located along S 3rd Street, right off of River Road

20. Old Towne Park 

ravine park.jpg

This park contains a half mile trail as well as playground equipment, a pavilion, and a pool. 

a 90 acre park near downtown Attica, IN

21. Ravine Park


This property features 1.5 miles of water frontage property along the Wabash River. A large portion of the trail is made up by an old portion of the Erie Canal that was later made into a railroad and abandoned in the 1930s.

3.5 mile loop trail on 470 acres

22. Shawnee Bottom


This property features a sandstone gorge, a creek, forest land, wetlands, savannas, and prairie land.

two 1 mile loop trails on 436 acres

23. Portland Arch


This property features Rock Creek, a body of water that cuts through sandstone to form small waterfalls in places, and eventually flows into the Wabash River.

0.8 mile loop trail on 80 acres

24. Gladys & Al Wright Rock Creek Nature Reserve


This park is home to a variety of playground equipment as well as a pavilion, tennis court, and basketball court. 

located along High Street right outside of town

25. West Lebanon Park


A combination of low woods and a high rise, this property features a variety of trees, primarily oak, and is home to a variety of wildflowers in the spring. 

trail features signs with poems from Grover William's book, as well as a story written by Millie Williams

26. Williams Woods

William's Woods.jpg

This park includes an open grassy area as well as a variety of playground equipment. 

located along Main Street

27. State Line City Town Park

Covington City Park.jpg

This park is home to a pool, playground equipment, tennis courts and a splash pad. 

located at the end of 2nd Street

28. Covington City Park 

Cicle Trail.jpg

This trail winds around Covington and features farmland, wetlands and wooded property. 

5.2 mile trail beginning at the Covington City Park

29. Circle Trail



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