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2024 Scholarship Recipients

2022 Scholarship Video

Past Scholarship Recipients

View past scholarship recipients by clicking on the year below. 

The Scholarship Selection Committee is pleased to announce the recipients of the scholarships awarded by the Foundation. The Foundation and its members are proud to be able to assist students in the community in achieving their post-secondary educational goals. 

Each year, Seeger High School hosts its Senior Awards Ceremony, which allows the Foundation the opportunity to recognize donors and scholarship recipients. Each scholarship fund has a unique purpose and assists students financially according to the criteria established by the donor. Most scholarship funds are permanently endowed with the Foundation, which means only a portion of the earnings is spent on grant distributions. The funds grow over time through investments and donations from the community. 


Anytime is the right time to donate to one of the scholarship funds. A gift can be made in memory of a loved one, in honor of a friend, or just because you want to make a difference in a local student's life. For more information on how to start a scholarship, or donate to an already existing scholarship, click here.

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