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Check out some of the amazing work our Warren County Youth Council is doing!  Below you will find several past projects and photos documenting the good things our Youth Council is doing around Warren County.  

Youth Council assists with Victory Gardens

The Fountain-Warren Health Department, during the earliest stages of the pandemic feared there could be supply chain issues with food supplies and food insecurities.  They also thought it might become increasingly difficult to get garden seeds.  The Warren County Community Foundation and Western Indiana Community Foundation teamed up to provide a grant to cover the costs of seed starter soil, peat pots, and 25 types of garden seeds, bulbs, and starts.  Warren County Youth Council members and 4-H Junior Leaders each got one seed type delivered to their homes.  Wearing gloves, each student packaged one type of seed into 450 tiny baggies or envelopes.  All the packets were collected, then one packet of each type was dropped into a larger bag along with planting instructions for each type of seed which had a color coded label inside its baggie.  One food item that couldn't easily be grown at individual homes was sweet corn.  Three local farmers agreed to plant sweet corn at designated spots in their fields.  The farmers staggered the plantings so we could harvest at different times.  450 families from the Bi-County area picked up Victory Garden Seed kits.  Youth Council members pick 6 pick-up truck loads of corn.  The truck would go to the Williamsport Park after getting filled and social media posts would be made. Word travelled fast about a dozen free ears of corn per family and that rounded out the garden project.  

Warren County student Creates Mural

Lizzy Beckett, a student at Seeger High School, drew a picture of a nurse during the pandemic.  The Community Foundation through the picture really captured the importance of all essential workers during the pandemic, and invited Lizzy to paint the mural on the side of the building.  Lizzy went on to enter the piece in the local 4-H fair, and Indiana State Fair.  

Youth Council helps at A Better Way Food Co-Op

Food insecurities became an issue for some people during the pandemic.  The normal workers at A Better Way Food Co-Op were in a higher risk category.  For about a 10-week period of time, the Food Co-Op was operated by the Warren County Community Foundation, a couple of elected officials, and youth council helpers.  All items were bagged and boxed, and the shoppers came through as a drive-through.  This helped keep everyone safe.  

Youth Council makes Valentines with Autumn Trace

WCCF Youth Council members visited Autumn Trace to create valentines, decorate cookies and spend time with the residents.  This event was a great social activity for the residents and our Youth Council members had a great time! 

Youth Council assists Psi Iota Xi with Bunnyville

A group of Youth Council Members assisted with the annual Bunnyville event on April 20.  The philanthropic group does a few events throughout the year.  This one, hosted at Attica High School is a family favorite.